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CASE STUDY - Injection Moulding (Sports Apparel)


Established in 1918, O’Neills International Sports Company Ltd, is the largest manufacturer of sportswear in Ireland. Steeped in the history of Irish sports, O’Neills is synonymous in providing sporting apparel and equipment across all GGA sports.

Originally, an exclusive supplier to the Irish provinces and Irish sports for many years, O’Neills have recently branched into the international market becoming a major supplier to rugby, and association football clubs across Ireland, Britain, Europe, and North America.


Crossen Engineering begin working with O'Neills over a decade ago, after a ruling was passed making it compulsory for all levels of Hurling participants to wear helmets. Working closely with the O'Neills design team, Crossen Engineering were able to provide input on the initial design, tooling, material selection, and the overall construction of the product.

As there was a requirement for the product to comply with NSAI IS 355 (2006) safety standards, there was a range of development tool produced to test materials and prove out the over-moulding process. Once this was approved, production tools were commissioned to produce the product in volumes.

Parts are moulded in a range of colours and supplied to O'Neill's where they are then assembled and customised according to the customers' specifications and preferences. Crossen Engineering's input on the material selection and construction of the parts were a key contributing factor in the success of the product.


Crossen Engineering's on-site moulding facilities houses the latest in digitally controlled machines ranging from 50-ton-to-550 ton, with parts weighing from as low as 5-grams-to-2.1kg. This enables Crossen Engineering to work in many diverse sectors.