Thirty Years’ Automotive Expertise

Since we were established over thirty years ago, automotive design and manufacture has been at the heart of Crossen Engineering. It is part of our DNA whether it is building, designing or racing. We provide press tools and injection mould tooling to the sectors and we offer product on a contract basis as required.

Automotive Partners

Our partners in the automotive industry include Shrader Electronics, Michelin Tyres, Wrightbus, and we also supply customised mats to Porsche. Other car brands for whom we supply specific components are Toyota, Nissan and GM.


Wright Bus

Working with Wrightbus we developed a Bus Wheel Housing for a Street Car concept, designed to mimic trams. Our work involved tooling and production samples of a large protective cover for the front wheels. The key requirements were functionality and a blend with the existing design lines on the vehicle. The buses were subsequently commissioned in the uNited States by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada and Go North East in Britain.


Thanks to our mastery and experience in tooling we are able to design and produce specific components for the automotive industry.

There are every day items that are taken for granted in a car – for example a seat adjuster support mechanism for the Recaro; the locking mechanism for the bonnet on a Nissan and the seat buckle mechanism for GM.
Other items are intrinsic to the safety and reliability of the car. We have supplied seat floor mounting brackets for Toyota cars; secondary bonnet latches for Nissan.
We also form high press automotive steel parts that a part formed in our press tools. These can be supplied painted ready for fixing to vehicles.
We work extensively with Michelin tyres stamping 90,000 units each month. These are used as part of their supply for batch management and traceability. This project meant their bespoke press was adapted and tooling maintained to our capability and machinery in Crossen Engineering.This guarantees continuity of supply.

Shrader Technologies

We press stainless steel and brass components of monitoring tyre pressure and emissions for Shrader Electronics. For automotive and industrial leaders whose reputations ride on reliability, Schrader is the valve and sensing technology pioneer that delivers innovative solutions they can trust because only Schrader provides the vision, engineering strength and collaboration they need.