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We have a Quality Policy in order to achieve our vision, mission and values


Quality Policy

In Order to achieve our vision, mission and values we will:

·      Establish customer requirements clearly before commencing work.

·      Establish good liaison links with our customers and measure customer    satisfaction.

·      Work as a skilled team.

·      Continually train and develop our employees to provide for a versatile, competent workforce.

·      Demonstrate excellence in our operations.

·      Establish Key process measures and monitor performance against set KPI’s.

·      Manufacture and inspect our products in accordance with relevant requirements.

·      Adhere to the procedures and instructions in our ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

·      Strive to do things right first time.

·      Strive to deliver products on time to customers.

·      Monitor external rejections and put measures in place to prevent recurrence.

·      Maintain our building, machines and equipment in good working condition.

·      Encourage our employees to work safely and avoid injury to third parties.

·      Abide by all regulatory requirements and encourage efficient use of materials, conversation of energy and correct disposal of materials to support the environment.

·      Operate Lean Manufacturing and 5S housekeeping throughout the factory.

·      Continually improve on the effectiveness of our quality management system through setting of improvement objectives.

·      Encourage suggestions for improvement from our employees.

·      Communicate on the effectiveness of our quality management system to our employees.

·      Continually minimise risk.

We shall ensure that this policy, which provides the framework for setting objectives, shall be communicated and understood at all levels within our organisation and that the resulting quality management system including this policy and supporting quality objectives will be regularly reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.




Managing Director