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We design tools and moulds for legacy, current and future parts based on customers’ CAD models or drawings


Here at Crossen Engineering, our goal in tooling and mould design is to define extraordinary. Utilising the advanced technology at our facilities, we have the ability to reverse-engineering existing components. Our involvement in the Aerospace sector predominately requires this service.

To begin the reverse-engineering, we have to use CAD/CAM software. This simulation software allows us to optimise the tool design for the material selected for the process ensuring that any potential inaccuracies are eliminated in a virtual environment before production initially begins.

As a company, Crossen Engineering has invested heavily into engineering and programming capabilities, utilising our facilities with equipment such as Delcam PowerMill, Powershape and VisiCad and maintaining PES (Production Engineering Standards) we can react to your requirements with immediate response.

We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We work with customers across a range of sectors, demonstrating our flexibility and adaptability. Contact us now for a consultation on how we can help you in the aerospace sector.