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We develop products for use in the house ranging from furniture, fittings and blinds.


We have worked with a range of companies in developing products for use in the house ranging from furniture, fittings and blinds. Companies include Bloc Blinds and OvvoTech, an innovative furniture manufacturer.

Bloc Blinds are an award winning window blinds company located in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. We have worked closely with them in developing a series of components that are integral to their blinds systems which are constantly innovating and evolving and demostrating exciting new ideas. This has meant changes to the additional components that are used to hold the blinds in place. In developing new versions of components, Bloc Blinds were concerned at the costs and turnaround time required to make a hardened steel tool overseas and the volume required to make this solution cost effective.

From experience they knew the volumes that were required in having the parts manufactured overseas were prohibitive and meant committing to a production tool. Bloc Blinds immediate demand was to produce prototype components in smaller quantities. Using a prototype tool, adjustments could be made as required without committing to significant additional costs.

Working closely with Bloc's R&D team, we have used our change mould system to great benefit, whilst also offering multi cavity tooling for the manufacture of eight parts at once. The advantage was that we were then able to quickly getting parts out to trial. At first producing low volume parts, we changed the internals of the mould to adapt to design changes. We then used the same prototype mould when the part was proven to provide an initial production run.

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We work with customers across a range of sectors, demonstrating our flexibility and adaptability. Contact us now for a consultation on how we can help you in the household sector.