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We are responsible for designing and manufacturing solutions that contribute directly to patients’ health and wellbeing


Responsible for the design and manufacturing solutions that contribute directly to the health and wellbeing across the UK and Ireland, we are proud to serve in the medical sector.

We offer a cutting edge, 'single-source solution' that is versatile in prototype development and production capabilities. With a bespoke service, our specialist team can deliver on product innovation and precision in metal formed and plastic injection moulded medical-grade components, examples of which are found in ostomy pouches, nebulizers, and surgical instruments. 

Peter Crossen explains:

“We had an idea of how to make the two parts fit together more efficiently. We developed a prototype tool and had two plates cut in aluminium, and machined quickly. These were put into the moulding machine and we made 100 parts based on how we visualised that it would fit. In order to make fine adjustments we were able to take the plates out and recut. This means the customer invests in one main mould but with multiple inserts, which means it is more economical in time and costs. We are able to offer customers low volume production of multiple designs and quick turnaround parts.”

We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We work with customers across a range of sectors, demonstrating our flexibility and adaptability. Contact us now for a consultation on how we can help you in the medical sector.