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We make components for mobility and postural support products.

Mobility Products

Here at Crossen Engineering, we are proud to work alongside organisations and partners looking to provide supportive aids for individuals that require mobility and postural support aids. Offering a bespoke service, our team assist in the design, prototype development and production of both Metal and Plastic components.

An example in our work is the MyWay Walker project in partnership with Leckey Design. The team began working on the project during the initial design phase, using our expertise in DFM analysis and part optimisation - a process that helped limit the amount of adjustment required during tool manufacturing. From the projects initial design under our "single-source solution" umbrella, the team assisted in the products production moulding the postural support brackets for their mobility equipment. 

"Crossen Engineering worked closely with us during the sampling procress to ensure the parts were to our satisfaction, responding quickly to amendments or adjustment requests. We now regularly use Crossen Engineering in our projects" - Christopher McNicholl (Project Design Lead). 

We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We work with customers across a range of sectors, demonstrating our flexibility and adaptability. Contact us now for a consultation on how we can help you in the mobility products sector.