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Plastic and Metal Component Injection Moulded

Aluminium Injection Tooling

More and more often customers are asking us can we help them with a cost effective prototype? Can we shorten lead times to develop a prototype that they can trial, test and then move into production? And increasingly they then ask can we really use the parts from an aluminium tool rather than a steel tool for an initial production run?

The answer from Crossen Engineering to each of these questions is YES.

At Crossen Engineering we offer our customers prototype aluminium injection mould tooling. This means we can create a mould tool that allows us to get low volume fully parts out to trial quickly. This can be either single cavity or multicavity to accommodate variances or part design in the same mould. To achieve this we have invested in a new state-of-the-art aluminium tooling facility.

Using aluminium allows us to prove out the design for the customer in a lower risk, lower cost way. The benefits of our new investment to the customer are:

  • Fast turnaround, quick construction of a tool in comparison to a steel alternative
  • Lower costs, it can be as much as 30-40% cheaper than a steel production tool
  • Cost effective solution for producing parts for prototype or initial production demands
  • High mould and part complexity still achieved
  • Client input at every stage

Prototype tooling is a very useful process to establish the initial demand for a component. Plus it offers the client a lower cost compared to a full production tool. It allows greater experimentation and adaptation.

With our Aluminium tooling service we can take a project from concept through design, mould construction and into prototyping, and deliver product to supply initial requirements. Our Aluminium tools are being used to produce volume production parts and are robust to mould in a range of materials that suit customers’ needs.

Advantages of Using Aluminium Tooling

  • Aluminium is a softer material and easier to machine than steel
  • It can be polished more quickly for a gloss finish
  • It conducts heat better than steel.


7 Myths About Aluminium Tooling Explained:

Myth 1: Aluminium tooling is only for prototypes and low volume production.

A stereotype has built up that Aluminium tooling means a short runs therefore low volume. This is not true - there is a range of Aluminium alloys that we use in tooling to allow production of significant volumes of parts for our customers.

Myth 2: There is a limit to what materials can be used in an aluminium mould prototype.

We work closely with our materials suppliers and clients to select material for components that works for the purpose intended. There is a wider range of suitable materials than ever that can be used in an Aluminium tool.

Myth 3: Aluminium cannot be used for production quantities.

Thousands of production grade parts can be made using Aluminium tooling. It can be more than enough for your entire project or it can sustain interim demand while a production tool is prepared or completed. An Aluminium tool is easy to maintain and refurbish if more parts are needed in the interim.

Myth 4: There is a limit on the textures and details that you can achieve with an Aluminium tool.

Not true; almost any finish or detail can be applied to an Aluminium tool. If a customer has specific requirements for a particular detail or finish we will work with them and advise on materials selection and finish.

Myth 5: The Aluminium tooling process issues has limitations.

Aluminium offers greater thermal conductivity and this resolves a number of process issues with moulds. It also heats and cools more evenly, which eliminates issues to do with material consistency. Aluminium alloys are thermal conductors and this has been proven to reduce cycle times; which directly translates into lower costs and faster parts.

Myth 6: Tool modifications to Aluminium moulds are expensive and complex.

Aluminium is flexible and allows design changes and troubleshooting. Making changes is not the same issue as is the case when using steel tools. Minor modifications and tweaks are usually straightforward and cost efficient.

Myth 7: Aluminium tooling cannot handle complex designs.

We incorporate design into the process so that there is a joined up approach. Good design needs to be incorporated with good manufacturing and they rely on each other. We work proactively with our clients to identify issues in advance and resolve them based on our experience and expertise, and their unique knowledge of their requirements.



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