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Component Design Turning Ideas Into Products

Component Design from Concept to Production

Using CAD/CAM techniques we have the capability and expertise to design your components in-house here at Crossen Engineering. This is part of the full range of services we offer our customers. Our creative design capability includes:

• Initial Concept Generation

Creation of 3D CAD Models

• Material Selection

• Project Management

Product design

Tool creation with a virtual

R&D Projects

MouldFlow Analysis

We have invested heavily in our design engineering and programming capabilities. Using Delcam PowerMill, Powershape and VisiCad we can react quickly to customers’ requirements with immediate response and component design proposals.

Our application of PES (Production Engineering Standards) drives engineering standards and ensures an even knowledge base throughout the CADCAM design team.

Using state-of-the-art software our machining centres are virtually replicated to ensure a ‘right first’ time prove-out experience on the machine.

We believe that our CAD/CAM capabilities are a key differentiator in driving quick response and best in class cost benefits to our customer base. We bring a high level of expertise and years experience to component design.

From design we can then take the product forward into prototyping and production using the most appropriate technology.

With Crossen, design is the starting point in our single source solution.



Hurling is one of the fastest field games in the world, played with a stick made from ash and a hard leather coated ball. The helmet is required to protect players from striking with stick or the ball, struck at speeds of 100mph.

Here at Crossen Engineering we worked closely with the design team from O’Neills. We  provided the initial design and manufacturing expertise and we had significant input on the materials, construction and manufacture of the product.

We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We’re happy to explain how CADCAM Design and Production Engineering can help you. Contact us now for a consultation.