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Component Design Turning Ideas Into Products

Component Design from Concept to Production

Using CAD/CAM techniques we have the capability and expertise to design your components in-house here at Crossen Engineering. This is part of the full range of services we offer our customers. Our creative design capability includes:

Initial Concept Generation

• Creation of 3D CAD Models

• Material Selection

• Project Management

• Product design assistance

• Tool creation within a virtual environment

• R&D Projects

• MouldFlow Analysis

At Crossen Engineering, we have invested heavily in our design engineering and programming capabilities. Using Delcam PowerMill, Powershape and VisiCad, we can react quickly to any requirement specificed by the customer with immediate response and component design proposals.

Our facilities house the latest, state-of-the-art software systems and machinery that can virtually replicate any design to complete precision, ensuring a "right-first-time" procedure.

Our CAD/CAM capabilities are a key differentiator in delivering a quick responsive service to our customers. In addition to our high level of expertise and experience, our certificates in PES (Production Engineering Standards) and ISO only reinforce our team extensive knowledge and skill in CAD/CAM design.



Established in 1918, O’Neills International Sports Company Ltd, is the largest manufacturer of sportswear in Ireland. Steeped in the history of Irish sports, O’Neills is synonymous in providing sporting apparel and equipment across all GGA sports.

Originally, an exclusive supplier to the Irish provinces and Irish sports for many years, O’Neills have recently branched into the international market becoming a major supplier to rugby, and association football clubs across Ireland, Britain, Europe, and North America.

We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We’re happy to explain how CADCAM Design and Production Engineering can help you. Contact us now for a consultation.