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Cost Effective and Flexible Mould Technology

Change Mould System

Our change mould system offers customers an innovative and cost effective solution for the fast and cost-effective manufacturing of prototypes as well as short run parts and other items.

Initially the change mould will be used for prototypes. Once the customer approves these prototypes after tests and trials, we then can offer short run parts.

Using the Change Mould technology the housing system stays, but the customer purchases the inserts that can be changed quickly in a typical injection mould system. The ability to use interchangeable mould inserts changes the game for customers in developing new ideas, testing materials and designs.

It removes concerns about costs and risk. So, one main benefit is that the change mould system allows for product trials before costly investment in production tooling.


We can make customer prototypes in no time at all with ready-to-use mould inserts

  • We use a closed steel mould structure that hat is robust and reliable. The beauty about this is that is specifically designed to allow us to change the inserts quickly in the machine
  • This reduces both the amount of material you need to use and the process time required
  • All inserts are changeable while the mould remains on the injection moulding machine increasing our flexibility and economy of scale
  • Quick changes reduce machine downtime, improving productivity and reducing costs to the customer.

It is a system that enables a quick change of moulds and as a result enables much faster and more economical production times.

It also means that we do not have to invest in additional technology and equipment but can maximise our own productivity using existing technology.

We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We’re happy to explain how Change Moulds can make your design concept or idea a real prototype that you can test and use. Contact us now for a consultation on how Change Moulds can help you.