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Cost Effective and Flexible Mould Technology

Change Mould System

Change mould technology offers an innovative and cost-effective solution for a fast turnaround of prototype and short-run parts. Using change mould technology in-house the in-house mould system remains in the injection press, allowing multiple inserts to be changed. 

Interchangeable mould inserts enable customers to have the option to develop new ideas, design and test materials whilst obtaining low-volume production costs. This option is usually selected after 3D print development when product development is ongoing and lower unit costing is required. 


  • Customer prototypes can be manufactured quickly on-site through this ready-to-use system
  • Our engineers can quickly change the mould inserts without removing the entire mould base from the press, creating a more efficient and flexible service to our customers 
  • Quick insert changes reduce machine downtime, improving productivity and reducing costs

With our extensive knowledge and experience working in moulds, we have decided to opt with Meusburger as our supplier for change mould systems. It is a system that has been tried and tested by our team and enables a quick changing of moulds making for faster and more economical production times. 

We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We’re happy to explain how Change Moulds can make your design concept or idea a real prototype that you can test and use. Contact us now for a consultation on how Change Moulds can help you.