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Moulding and Tool Design and Manufacture

Injection Mould & Tooling 

Crossen Engineering manufacture all types of injection moulds and press tooling across a range of industries. We offer a full single source solution from design, to manufacturing the moulds and tools, to protytping and component production through to full steel tooling and full production.

We have vast experience in Draw tools, from simple square components to deep complex shapes. We take on tools of all sizes some weighing up to as much as 2.5 tonnes, but small or large all are treated with the same urgency and attention.

We can handle suites of tools with kits of up to 30 – 50 tools done in the past. We also boast the ability to prove our tooling with presses ranging from a fly press up to our 500T press, this ability alone means customers can expect to receive tools on time and proven so ready to go straight to production.

Mould Manufacture

Crossen Engineering is designed to be a centre of excellence for the manufacture and moulding of plastic injection mould tools on very short lead times.

Lately we have found due to tight customers budgets we off a cheaper aluminium tooling services. This helps the customer keep costs low on a possible new project until demand for component numbers increase.

Why is Aluminium Mould Tooling such a Benefit?

  Steel Tooling Alumimium Tooling
Cost High 50-70% Cheaper
Parts Possible 250,000+ 10,000-80,000
Lead Times Weeks to Months Days to Weeks


Typically we are asked to design and manufacture aluminium tooling for new, pre-production, or low volume products.

We are also regularly involved with cutting edge development projects, the majority of which are confidential, and which require high specification innovative tool making on very short lead times.

Mould tools can be manufactured for single or multi-cavity production, and to operate fully automated, semi automated, or to incorporate inserts which are hand loaded by an Operator – all engineered and designed according to your requirements and the complexity of the part.

Our aluminium tooling is used with a very wide range of high end technical and engineering polymers including Ultem, Nickel, Steel, PTFE filled, electro-conductive, high glass filled PBTs and Nylons, as well as the more common commercial plastics.

The Alloys we use are high-grade and UK sourced from some of the biggest stockholders. They provide Certificates of Conformity in order to underwrite a quality tool, built to last.

If you have a new tooling project or existing product where:

• tooling costs need to be kept to the minimum
• there are low requirements (100’s +)
• there are high costs for machining or to buy-in
• delivery is critical
• exemplary technical input, co-operation, and quality are required
• integrated in house UK tool trialing, production, and inspection is important
• you need an approved, experienced, and established supplier

…then we are the toolmaking and moulding company for you.



Hurling is one of the fastest field games in the world, played with a stick made from ash and hard leather coated ball. The helmet is required to protect players from striking with stick or the ball, struck at speeds of 100mph.

Here at Crossen engineering we worked closely with the design team from O’Neills. We  provided the initial design and manufacturing expertise and we had significant input on the materials, construction and manufacture of the product.

We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We’re happy to explain how Injection Moulding & Tooling Manufacture can make your design concept or idea a real prototype that you can test and use. Contact us now for a consultation on how Moulding & Tooling Manufacture can help you.