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Plastic and Metal Component Injection Moulded

Injection Moulded Components

We offer customers full injection mould component service whereby we can produce large quantities of components in a full range of thermoplastics materials.
Injection moulded components are produced by injecting the plastic material into a mould at high pressure which shape the material to the required machined mould. Our production moulds are typically made from steel to allow repeated high volume use in the manufacture of components and are less liable to deterioration due to wear and tear.
Injection moulded components can include small parts for assembly, machine casings, clips, brackets, parts of toys, and support brackets. We produce injection moulded components for a range of industries including medical, food, sports, home furnishing and automotive. As part of our service we can advise customers on the most suitable material and we can work with customers to test a variety of materials to determine the most suitable for a particular component given its eventual use and purpose.
Components are produced to an exact specification and the injection mould process means that the exact same component is replicated over and over again ensuring consistency and reliability. Our injection mould production processes complement our design, prototyping and tooling manufacturing processes. 
Single Source Solution
Our approach means we can offer our customers a single source solution whereby the actual mould and the required components are manufactured in house. Our injection moulding department is structured to allow for the high volume production of parts, brackets, joints and housings.
Well-designed components can minimise assembly by end users. Following design our injection mould shop can prototype parts and deliver initial production runs with the benefit of aluminium tooling and change mould technology, both of which we have introduced or we can offer full production:
  • Prototyping/Testing
  • Injection moulded component and part manufacture
  • Assembly
  • Managed design and manufacturing for other processes and materials
  • Project management fulfilment
Our Mould Shop
Our moulding and tooling facilities are side by side for optimal work flow. The mould shop currently comprises of the latest digitally controlled machines from 50 ton to 650T ton. Part can weigh as low as 5grams ranging to 2.1kgs
We can readily operate 24hr working for larger production runs and critical supply. If you need a responsive, co-operative and technically advanced supplier of plastic injection mouldings, we can provide the level of service and ability you require, whatever the part.


We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We’re happy to explain how Injection Moulding Production can make your design concept or idea a real prototype that you can test and use. Contact us now for a consultation on how Injection Moulding Production can help you.