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Prototype and Production Metal Pressing

Metal Form Prototyping

Using our experience and expertise we specialise in the design and development of cost effective prototypes using metal forming solutions which means that our customers can test and evaluate their components before they have to commit to a larger run.

At Crossen we have the expertise and specialist metal forming equipment to form any metal into the shape required. Tooling will be based on what is required whether it is panels, simple brackets or assembly support components.

Benefits to the customer are:

  • Fast production of prototype pressed metal components
  • Experimentation with different metals
  • Customer feedback and input at an early stage

The tools we make may be can be blanking, forming or piercing tools but also multi stage production tooling can be designed and manufactured to suit the project requirements.

Our prototyping methods are time efficient and provide customers with a way to enable short run parts or establish the suitability or viability of a part through robust testing.


We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We’re happy to explain how Metal Form Prototyping can help you. Contact us now for a consultation.