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Rapid and Cost Effective Prototyping and Production

Precision Press Tooling

At Crossen we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of precision metal press tooling having worked with a broad range of automotive, aerospace and industrial partners.

Working with with our customers as part of our single source solution offering, we develop their requirements through a process of testing and prototyping before moving to full industrial production of metal pressed components.

Advantages of press metal components

Press forming offers the customer tighter tolerance of components that is stronger and faster in production than other processes. It is literally a high pressure environment, but our machines, our engineers and our years of experience mean that we can handle the pressure.

We can produce an array of specialist pressed components and we have invested in our technical equipment to ensure we offer our customer a full range of services. We have experience in working with all metals and alloy materials to achieve the correct solutions.


We work with customers across a range of sectors, demonstrating our flexibility and adaptability. These include Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Construction, Medical, Marine, Food and Drink and Electrical sectors. With our breadth of experience we are able to inform our work in a particular sector based on our experiences with a wide range of existing clients.

Capacity and Equipment

We operate a number of in-house presses that range from 35 tonne to 500 tonne stamping pressure. We offer decoiling, straightening or hand fed operation depending on the component commissioned. We can press materials from as light as 0.15mm copper to 8mm stainless steel. Our components can be washed, degreased, deburred, painted or plated.

Our Expertise

For forty years Crossen Engineering have been one of the leading specialist engineering firms in Northern Ireland. We have an established way of working with our clients and we are pleased to offer a complete service for design to production engineering. That includes offering advice and input on the right processes, materials and components based on years of experience and know how.

We also form high press automotive steel parts. These can be supplied painted ready for fixing to vehicles. 

Working with Wrightbus we developed a bus wheel housing for a Street Car concept, designed to mimic trams. Our work involved tooling and production samples of a large protective cover for the front wheels. The key requirements were functionality and a blend with the existing design lines on the vehicle. 

Sensata Technologies

We press stainless steel and brass components for monitoring tyre pressure and emissions for Sensata Technologies. 

For automotive and industrial leaders whose reputations ride on reliability, Sensata is the valve and sensing technology pioneer that delivers innovative solutions they can trust because only Sensata provides the vision, engineering strength and collaboration they need.

 Metal Forming Equipment

  • The operation of blank, pierce, deep draw and progression tooling
  • Hydraulic and mechanical power prices from 35 ton to 500 ton pressure
  • Component runs from one off to 1,000,000+
  • Just in time management system (JIT)
  • Material thickness from as low as .15 mm copper to 8mm mild steel
  • Components can be supplied painted or plated




We work with the attitude that anything is possible....


We’re happy to explain how Precision Press Tooling can help you. Contact us now for a consultation.